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Commercial Photographer &

Digital Creator


Axel Santiago Rivera, was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

He obtained Montessori education throughout his entire school career. The passion for photography began in the “soccer” fields photographing for the team that belonged to. In 2017, he entered Universidad del Sagrado Corazón de Puerto Rico to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts with a major in Photography and a minor in Advertising.


His first exhibition was held in 2017, "The Art Room" in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, where he showed 5 photographs using the technique of: "Light Painting" and sold 3 of the 5 exhibited photos. His second and third exhibitions were “PhotoFinish 2018 and PhotoFinish 2019”, both in the Old Arsenal of the Spanish Navy in Old San Juan. His professional career began in 2020 taking photographs for different brands of clothing, swimwear and portraits.


Universidad del Sagrado Corazón

- BAC, Bachelor in Arts of Communications

Major in Photography and minor in Advertising



Info Páginas


Muuaaa Agency


ART Exhibitions

PhotoFinish - 2018

PhotoFinish - 2019

The Art Room - 2017 

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